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Ben Chibber

Birthday: April 21, 1972
Born: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Lives: Vancouver, BC
Started Skateboarding: 1985
Style:  Innovative,  All terrain
Board: 7.25, 50 mm wheels


Ben Chibber, founder of Monké Skateboards and the DrySpot Indoor Sk8 Park, has been active in the sport since 1985. At the young age of 17, Ben was sponsored by Vision Skateboards,Gullwing Trucks and A-1 Meat Wheels. Ben has appeared in magazines like Transworld and Thrasher, and the international Vision Skateboard Video  'Alphabet Soup' (1991) . Ben’s history with skateboarding coupled with his creative and business acumen has allowed him to build a positive Monké brand since 1998.



Standard Fist Aid and CPR
National Skateboarding Certification Program (2009)
Member of the Union of B.C. Performers - B.C. Branch of  ACTRA

Trasher - 1991
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