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History of Monké Skateboards


Monké Skateboards was founded in 1998 by Ben Chibber, a former sponsored skateboarder.  The intent was to provide a fun and creative line of skateboard products.

In the late 80's and early 90's Ben Chibber was sponsored by industry giant Vision Skateboards, becoming the first Canadian to be featured on the back of the International 'Transworld Skateboarding Magazine' (June 1990).



The Bentall Centre parkade has been used by skateboarders since the 70's.Ben Chibber was part of Vancouver's first generation of modern day street skaters. Here he's finding some new terrain and doing a frontside nose grind at the Bentall Centre. (1990).

Ben Chibber, competing against some of the most influential skaters of the late 80's and early 90’s, was asked to join A-1 Meats Wheel Team with skaters Matt Hensley, Jason Dill, Mike Carrol, just to name a few.

In the summer of 2000, Monké Skateboards released it's first full length skateboard video produced, filmed and co-edited by owner Ben Chibber.  The video featured some of the most talented up and coming Canadian skateboarders of that time.

Monké Madness (2000)  -

Featuring: Ted Degros, Ben Chibber, Trevor Houlihan, Jason Bailey, Geoff Dermer, John Baker, Kevin Galloway, Russel Milligan  

Guest Skaters: Cyrus Thiedeke, Alex Gavin, Kevin Bergman, Ben Demoskoff, Rick McCrank, Jason Dill, Chico Brenes, Tony Ferguson, Keenan Milton



MVP : Most Vertical Primate (2002)


Link -   


MVP : Most Vertical Primate (2002) is a kids movie about a chimpanzee and a young boy's inner city adventure with skateboarding. Yes, the Chimpanzee skateboards! 



Monké is the featured, product placement and includes Monké banners, as well as the main actor Scott Goodman playing the role 'Ben' wearing a orange Monké cartoon t-shirt and riding a orange classic Monké deck.




Richard Karn stars as 'Ollie Plant' best known for the sitcom Home Improvement. Here he is holding the Orange Classic Monké Deck. 


Ryan Sheckler plays the role of 'Neil Nellis' at the young age of 12 years old.


Here is 'Jack' the Chimpanzee skateboarding on a vert ramp with Monké banners in the background. Yes he skateboards!

Scooby-Doo (2002)  Zoinks!!! CGI animated


Scooby-Doo has Monké decks in the background!


Monke Skateboards was up north in Queen Charlotte's Island and Prince Rupert in mid September, while they were there they made an impact on the local skate scene.


Here is a whole 2 page segment, including the cover of the sports section, showing Ben Chibber with a front side tailslide in the Prince Rupert news paper.

Monké Tours - We've toured across Canada including Vancouver, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Yorkton,  Saskatchewan,  Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Ontario and everything in-between - doing contests, demos and teaching kids how to skateboard.

After the big tour 'To Saskat and Back' (2009) and with 9 years of experience running Monké Skateboards, owner Ben Chibber decided to start  the Dryspot Indoor Sk8 Park.  He currently teaches skateboarding, runs skateboarding camps, birthday parties and drop-ins.  Dry Spot is also the location of the Monké flag ship store.  


Come check it out!

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