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Mike Crook

Birthday: April 16, 1986 
Born: Toronto,  Ontario, Canada
Lives: Burlington, Ontario
Started Skateboarding: 1999
Style:  Technical

Board :  8.0,  50 mm Wheels


Mike started skateboarding at 14 years old in a small town called Acton Ontario close to Toronto.   The small town had no street spots just some flat ground and a few curbs. A year later Mike moved to Toronto a street skate haven where he developed his skills.  When he was 18 he went on a skateboarding trip to Barcelona which was a life changing experience.  In 2007,  he started riding for Monké Skateboards, traveling to Vancouver every year doing cross Canada tours. Now Mike lives in Burlington,Ontario where he started his own creative agency and skates pretty much every day he can.  

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