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Jordan Bandula

Birthday: January 28,1986 
Born: New Market,  Ontario, Canada
Lives: Barrie, Ontario
Started Skateboarding: 1994
Style:  Solid and Smooth Operator

Board: 8.125, 52 mm wheels


Jordan began skateboarding at the young age of 8 years old. He first got into skateboarding by skating a mini ramp located at his high school in Courtice, Ontario.  From skating the curbs to grass gaps in front of his house, Jordan knew he found his passion.


When Bandula was 12 years old, he placed 3rd at his very first skateboarding competition in Brooklyn Ontario. At the age of 14, Bandula filmed his “sponsor me” video and got on a local skateshop Alcatraz located in Oshawa, Ontario.   He end up riding for the shop for 13 years all the way till the shop closed in 2009.

Jordan has been riding for Monke Skateboards since the summer of 2009. He has traveled all over Canada with the Monke team doing demos and teaching skateboarding.
Jordan now lives in Barrie, Ontario with his girlfriend Kayla and works as a carpenter. He is still skateboarding and working on his new video part called “THE NORTH SIDE OF THINGS” which is expected to come out in fall of 2015.

Jordan eats, sleeps and breaths skateboarding! He is a true skateboarder at heart.

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