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Concept Behind the Logo :
Represents the company's youthful approach to skateboarding






The head is symmetrical in which the ears give balance to the design making it inviting to the eye.



The left eye is bigger than the right eye, which represents the imbalance of 80’s skateboarding where we used one foot as the predominant balancing foot and the other as the pushing foot which resulted in uneven muscle development.



® a registered trademark of Monké Skateboards Distribution



Macron – from the Greek meaning “long”, is a diacritic ¯  (a small sign added to a letter to alter pronunciation or to distinguish between similar words), which was originally used to mark a long (i.e., heavy) syllable in Graeco-Roman metrics.



The stylistic tail on the (e) represents the dropped letter (y) in ‘monkey’ and also represents the prehensile tail which is the tail of an animal that has adapted to being able to grasp and/or hold objects which is a characteristic of monkey.

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