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Dan Pageau

Born: Denver, CO USA
Raised: Montreal, Quebec
Currently Living: Coquiltam, BC
Birthday: Feb 18,1980
Style of Skateboarding: Aggressive and Technical

Board: 7.78 , 50 mm wheels


Dan started skateboarding at the young age of 5 years old. By the time he was 14 years old he got his first sponsor True Skateboards, with Team mate Mark Appleyard.  Competing against the best skaters of that era at the young age of 15, Dan won his first pro contest at Ramp Rage (1995) in Montreal, QC.   With the support of True Skateboards, Dan was able to travel the world and enter the world series of skateboard contests. Dan got his first pro model by True in 1996.   In 1999, Dan was offered by Rodney Mullen to join him on the World Industries Skateboard Team. At that time Dan moved to California and bought a house in Long Beach, CA.  In 2001, World Industries was sold and Dan moved his board sponsor to Lib Tec. Dan has been featured
in all the international skateboard magazines and videos of that time.  He is best known for inventing skateboarding tricks which help develop the technical skateboarding that you see today. After a great career in the United States he moved back to Canada and started  Onelove Skateshop. He currently lives in the lower mainland of Vancouver, BC where he is a dad of two little girls and runs 4,5,6 Distribution.


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